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 About us 

【Name】Biofunctional Finding Organization, NPO NPO法人生体機能探査推進機構

​  [Establishment] 20/3/2015 《Predecessor「生命科学研究会」》

  [Certification]  16/7/2019

  [Registration]  22/7/2019


 Research and development of human biological functions and related fields. Promote the exploration through dissemination and enlightenment of the information and knowledge. They aim to contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life and public welfare, and also to contribute internationally.


【Address】MIT, 1-1, Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, JAPAN





 機 構 章 



The downward-pointing triangle indicates a probe for exploring the biological world, including humans.
And it expresses how the obtained biological function information affects the material world represented by hexagons.

In other words, Biofunctional Finding means that it spreads to people's lives as "wisdom that contributes to people's health."

​ 下を向いた三角形は、ヒトを含む生物界を探求するための探査針(probe)を示し、得られた生体機能情報が六角形で現わされている物質世界に対し、影響を及ぼす様を表しています。

 即ち、Biofunctional Findingは、「人々の健康に寄与する知恵」として、その生活に波及することを意味しています。

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